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Tech Predictions for 2012

by Dave Loft

Tech Predictions for 2012


  • The iPad 3 will be released in Q2. The big upgrade will be the display with an increase in resolution to 2048 x 1536 and be called the Retina display. It will launch with Apple’s new A6 chip and upgraded to 1GB of RAM. The front and rear cameras will also be upgraded.
  • The iPhone 6, yes I said 6, the iPhone 4s is the 5th gen iPhone, so it makes no sense to call the 6th gen phone 5. The iPhone 6 will launch in Q3 and have the same internal specs as the iPad 3. The glass back will be replaced with an aluminum back like the iPad. The iPhone will be thinner, but won’t have a bigger display because if they make it bigger, it won’t technically be a Retina display. It will also not have LTE as the chips still won’t be power efficient enough, the carriers won’t have complete coverage in the US or Canada and because many international carriers have not even started building LTE.
  • iOS 6 will launch with the release of the iPhone 6 and will bring a full release of Siri which will be compatible with all devices that can run the latest OS.
  • Apple TV will get new hardware in 2012 that supports 1080p and will launch with iOS 6, letting users download apps, play games and control their TV with Siri.


  • Android is number one worldwide and in the US, but in Canada it’s only number 3. By the end of Q3, Android will be number one in Canada .
  • Google will launch a Nexus tablet in Q2 during the Google IO conference. It will run an updated version of Android, no not Jelly Bean, just an incremental update to Ice Cream Sandwich. It will have a 10.1″ 1080p or higher display, with 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM and a Quad Core Processor.
  • Unlike what many people think, Google will keep Motorola’s hardware business. They will let Motorola do their thing and design phones like they have been doing. But that’s all Motorola will be doing. Google will do the software and keep Motorola devices running stock Android. As a result Motorola devices will likely get updates quicker, just like the Nexus devices. Hopefully as a result, Motorola’s competitors will be forced to improve.
  • Google will acquire the 4th major label in 2012 and will continue to expand their music offering. In Q4 Google will launch a subscription service giving users access to Google’s entire catalogue for a monthly fee.
  • Google will also launch a news stand on the Android Market with Magazines and Newspapers.
  • Google+ will still not come close to competing with Facebook, but it will continue to grow steadily due mainly to the popularity of Android.
  • In Q4 of 2012 Google will launch a new Nexus device running the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean. It will be built by Samsung and based off of the Galaxy S III. It will have the same resolution of the Galaxy Nexus, but the display will be upgraded to the Super AMOLED Plus with a full RGB layout. The internal specs will be similar to the Nexus tablet released by Google in Q2 of 2012.
  • Android tablets will be the sleeper hit of the year. No one single tablet will match the sales of the iPad. But ever increasing number of tablets, running Ice Cream Sandwich in all shapes and prices from $100 and up will eat at Apples lead. By the end of the year Android will be close to surpassing iOS on tablets.
  • And before the end of 2012, Google will release Chrome for Android.


  • Microsoft will increase spending on advertising Windows Phone in 2012. Combine that with the help of Nokia’s latest and greatest smartphones and Microsoft will start increasing their market share. By the end of the year they still won’t be close to Google or Apple, but the downward trend will be over and they will have some momentum going into 2013.
  • Windows Phone 7 will have 150,000 apps by the end of 2012.
  • By the end of 2012 Microsoft will be circling RIM and looking for an opportunity to expand, either through partnership or out right purchase.
  • The much anticipated Windows 8 tablets will be meet with poor reviews. The tablets will either have little to no software natively built for it and the full windows apps won’t run well on mobile hardware if at all.


  • Amazon will release a true iPad competitor, it will be a 10″ tablet built on Ice Cream Sandwich, but modified as heavily as the 7″ Kindle Fire. It will be built with a more powerful quad core architecture.
  • Amazon will have one of the best selling Android devices, I say one of and not the best because as of right now it’s only a US product as the ecosystem isn’t fully available in any other country. In the US, Amazon will only be second to only one tablet, the iPad.
  • Amazon’s success will bring more developers to Android. Because if your going to build for the Kindle Fire, you might as well increase the market availability and release it on the Android Market.

Check out my Tech Predictions for 2011 which I wrote 1 year ago today. Here’s hoping I do as well 2012 as I did with 2011.


Rovio is run by a bunch of daft cocks

by Dave Loft

GetJar or Get Lost
Rovio’s first mistake came with the release of the original Angry Birds on Android. On the day it was supposed to be launched everyone hit the Android Market to get the famed iOS game. Unfortunately Angry Birds was not on the Android market and after a search on Google it was found to be only available from GetJar. I hit GetJar and tried to download Angry Birds only to find their server was unresponsive. It took hours before I could get the game downloaded and installed on my Android device. it wasn’t till the next day that Rovio finally woke up and just put the game on the Android market.

You Can Get Angry Birds Any Way You Like, as Long as it has Ads
Rovio’s second mistake was making the decision to only offer a free ad supported version of Angry Birds on Android. I would have gladly paid a dollar or two for an ad free Angry Birds but that option was not made available. Anyone who hated ads had to turn to other solutions to get rid of them and that solution turns out to be a rather simple one, an application that blocks ad. With that installed on a rooted device you get an ad free version of Angry Birds and Rovio get’s nothing for it.

Rovio and Intel’s App Up Slip Up
Rovio’s third mistake came with the release of the PC version of Angry Birds. Instead of choosing a major digital distributer like Steam they instead chose Intel’s AppUp store. Another store I had never heard of before so I hit Google to find it and begin the sign up process. Unfortunately the demand of Angry Birds was too large for Intel and the site gave errors every time I tried to register. It wasn’t till the next day that I was able to do so and get in the store to download the game.

Everything the Original Had and More (the More Being Price)
Rovio’s forth mistake was pricing the PC version too high. Five dollars for a game that went for one dollar on iOS and free on Android was quite steep. Not to mention gameplay that just wasn’t as exciting when played with anything but a touch screen. As it is now the price is too much, but if Rovio had made Angry Birds available on Steam and included achievements, leaderboards and Steam cloud support it may have been a reasonable price.

Finnish Birds From Rio only Found on Amazon in the US?
Rovio’s fifth mistake was the decision to release Angry Birds Rio exclusively on the just released Amazon Appstore. When I heard the news I went and setup an account as well as a one click payment to my credit card. I then downloaded the app to my phone and launched it looking for Angry Birds Rio. I clicked on the get app button below only to be greeted with ‘The Amazon Appstore for Android is not yet available in your region‘.  After Googling Amazon’s Appstore availability it appears it’s only available in the US. It’s rather odd that a Finnish company would choose to limit their game only to people in the the US.

It appears that Rovio’s bottom line is to milk Angry Birds for all it’s worth. They will go as far as taking millions of dollars from Amazon and locking out the majority of Angry Birds fans around the world just to line their pocket books. It’s for all these reasons that I think Rovio is run by a bunch of daft cocks.

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