My thoughts on Google+

For all who haven’t made it into Google+, hopefully it will open it up soon. But for all that have I’m sure most would agree it needs a few changes before they do so. Be patient, your time will come.

So far it’s been a really unique experience. My use of twitter has dropped like a stone and I think it’s the lack of community interaction that’s the cause. If I reply to a tweet that conversation is siloed. If that person has plenty of followers then they have many siloed responses to their post. This approach works quite well for broadcasting, marketing and customer service, but it lacks true open communication between groups of people. With Google+ your reminded it’s really the conversation of a post that becomes the most important part and much like a real life conversation, it can completely flow in new directions.

Others have said it’s like going to a conference. Right now it’s full of tech people, enthusiasts, journalists, developers and investors. The level of interaction is beyond that of anything else I’ve experienced. I’ve had conversations with the developers of games I’ve played and the journalists I listen to daily on podcasts. It reminds me quite a bit of forum discussions, but without all the negativity and anonymous douche-beggary. I’m not sure what Google+ will be like when it opens up and if it will be able to maintain the current level of meaningful interaction but the possibilities really are endless.

I have facebook for people I know and twitter for people I don’t know but with whom I am interested in what they have to say. I also don’t want to use multiple apps to access this information, so I use an all in one solution like Tweetdeck. If I come across something that interest me from facebook on Tweetdeck it loads the website, sometimes desktop, sometime mobile, it all depends on what, because they all have different level of abilities. It really ends up a messy experience compared to the very clean well designed and implemented Google+ app.

As +Bill Gross puts it “So far, on a very limited test, I am seeing more engagement, and more satisfying engagement to things that I post on Google+ with only 1,000 followers than I get on Twitter with 27,000 followers. Is that just because it’s so new and people are really trying it out, or is this a real sustainable phenomenon?”

In just 1 week I already have 26 people who have circled me. It took me months of posting on twitter to hit that level. My interaction is also way up. On facebook and twitter my level of interaction is about 5% of posts. On Google+ my level of interaction has increased by 600%. There is a ‘buzz’ on Google+ I haven’t seen online in a while and I think this has the potential to capture a serious percentage of market share from twitter, facebook, Skype, foursquare, forums, rss aggregaters and even blogs sites like WordPress and tumblr.

But even if it doesn’t topple Facebook which is the more likely scenario it will at least force Facebook to innovate and isn’t that what it’s all about.

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  1. interesting, is that “+1” button functionality part of google+ ?

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