Black Ops goes for $36

by Dave Loft

So if you check Direct2Drive or Steam you will see Call of Duty: Black Ops is on sale from $60 down to $45, wait what? Yes $45, but if you check Direct 2 Drive you will see that this weekend only they are offering 20% off all of their games and the discount even works on games on sale. Hence the $36 price tag. Just use the coupon code, marchmadness upon checkout to get the discount.

But maybe you don’t want to use Direct2Drive and like the convenience of Steam, no problem. After purchase you will be given a download link and a product key. You can take your product key without downloading anything from Direct2Drive and activate that key with Steam. Once activated you can actually download the game purchased from Direct2Drive through Steam. If you don’t like Steam and much prefer Direct2Drive you can download the game directly from them instead. But as soon as you go to install Black Ops, it will install into Steam anyways.

If your interested in Call of Duty: Black Ops I highly suggest picking it up this weekend. It will most likely never get this low again till the end of the year. For anyone who does have it already. You can find me on the battlefield under the name o4k3R and you may want to take note when I stab you in the back. Happy Fragging.

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