Asphalt 6: Adrenaline sputters onto Android

by Dave Loft

I have been keeping an eye on a couple arcade racers on iOS and have been waiting for an Android port. The two games I have been looking forward to are Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and Asphalt 6 Adrenaline and the latter was the first to hit Android. My current favorite arcade racer on Android is the games prequel, Asphalt 5. So I was very happy to see Asphalt listed on Gameloft’s site ready to buy for compatible Android devices. Unfortunately this game was pulled from the oven a bit too early and has a few major issues that need fixing before I can recommend this game.

The first issue is the storage requirements. While the game only takes 18MB of internal storage it requires 900MB of the SD card and over 100MB of free RAM to run. Larger games are where were heading but close to a GB just for a phone game will turn many people off. The other issue seems to steam from its heavy use of RAM. The put it bluntly, the game can’t handle multitasking. So if you get a phone call, text or email and stop mid game to answer one of those you may find your game auto closed by the time your ready to play again. If it hasn’t forced closed, it’s very likely to have graphics glitches once loaded back in. In my first race back from answering a text I noticed I could see through the cars and the roads textures. I can tell you seeing buildings and other items through the road is very disorienting.

The other major issue seems to be completely random. Sometimes when I load the game the controls don’t work. When I start a race the car just veers to the right as soon as it starts. There is no way to fix this other than changing control scheme from tilt controls or quiting the game. I’ve loaded the game a few times without issue then it comes back again and it’s very frustrating. An issue is made worse by the inevitable long load times.

The other minor issue I have with the game is the not so stellar frame rate. I’m getting around 30fps which is more than playable but is noticeable and not as enjoyable as Need for Speed Shift and Asphalt 5’s super smooth 60fps. Considering my Galaxy S has one of the fastest GPU’s on a phone I can’t see this game running well at all on any other model.

I do expect Gameloft to continually update the game and will eventually fix all the issues. Asphalt 5 was a little slow and had some issues when it first came out and it works perfectly now. Within the next month or so I will do a review of the game and hopefully by then it will have at least most of the issues I mentioned ironed out. If not it’s back to waiting for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

*Update* Asphalt 6 has been updated and it fixes just about everything I had issues with. Hit the link the check out my review.

    • Maxor
    • March 19th, 2011

    I have the same problems.
    Please tell me, are your trophies syncing with Gameloft LIVE?

    • Maxor
    • March 19th, 2011

    It seems he don’t have those problems.

    What ROM are you using?

  1. The graphics and controls are not always an issue, so when it works, its enjoyable and plays very much like the video shown above.

    I’m running Darky’s Extreme Edition 9.3 ROM.

  2. For some reason not all of Gameloft’s games Trophies and Gamer scores work for me.

    Modern Combat, Modern Combat 2, Splinter Cell, Spiderman, Fishing Kings, Lets Golf 2 and Nova work.

    Gangstar: Miami Vindication, Real Football 2011, Asphalt 5, Asphalt 6, Hawx, Dungeon Hunter, Uno, Brothers in Arms do not work.

    • Maxor
    • March 20th, 2011

    Spiderman, Splinter Cell and Fishing Kings on Android have Trophies?
    And for me, Asphalt 5 Trophies work, they are messed up, because it unlock other achievement in Gameloft LIVE! that in-game, but I got all of them so it’s OK.
    I didn’t know that those games got Trophies too 🙂

    • Maxor
    • March 20th, 2011

    BTW I am using Darky’s ROM 9.3 Beta 2 and don’t have time to update it 🙂
    SpeedMod or Voodoo?

  3. I highly recommend Spiderman, it’s one of Gameloft’s best Android game.

    I’ running 9.3 Final with Voodoo and I’m looking forward to a stable Gingerbread release.

    • Maxorq
    • March 21st, 2011

    Hey Dave, if you want, add me on GL, nick is the same as here.
    I would want to ask you about few things.

  4. I searched for your name but could not find an add to friends button. My Gameloft tag is o4k3R, your welcome to add me.

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