Save 75% on Darksiders with Steam

Steam sales are fantastic. Several times a year Steam has big blowout sales on most of their games. Every week Steam has a mid week and weekend sale and Darksiders is part of their weekend deals. It’s regular price is $39.99, but is going for just $9.99 through the rest of the weekend.

Darksiders is a hack n slash third person action adventure game reminiscent but not quite as good as God of War. You will most likely want to pick up an Xbox 360 controller for Windows to play this game if you don’t already have one. The controls are straight forward and even display the key on screen you need to hit to accomplish a given task or finishing move. But it definitely lacks the depth of moves and combo action you can get from a game like Batman Arkham Asylum.

The one thing I really wish the game had was a co-op mode. You do play one of the four horseman of the apocalypse so why not bring the others into the game so you can play with friends. It seems to be an almost standard practice for developers to include co-op in their games these days. It’s not surprising as I spend most of my time playing games with friends online as apposed to on my own. So if your more of a social gamer, this may not be the best game for you. But for me I still enjoy playing this game when friends aren’t available. Once you start playing the game and understand the story Vigil Games wanted to tell you can see why it is only a single hero save the world kind of game.

Even with the few downsides I mentioned, Darksiders is just plain fun to play. It’s well rated and definitely worth checking out, especially at $10. The game even made number 11 on my favorite PC games of 2010. So if your interested hit up Steam to pick this game up.

Steam: Darksiders
Official website:

  1. yep, sales on steam are superb. interesting thing is that if you missed sale of your fav game, wait a bit – it will be on sale again soon 😉 bought few games this way 🙂

  2. Yeah, I rarely buy games full price these days.

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