Batman: Arkham City – This Ain’t No Place for a Hero Trailer

by Dave Loft

With a release date of October 18th it may be a little early to get excited about another Batman game. But this isn’t just any game, it’s the sequel to my favorite PC game of 2009. Arkham City looks to be substantially bigger this time around with the gameplay spreading out over several city blocks. Joker and Harley Quinn are back to reprise their roles accompanied by Catwomen and Two Face. There will most likely be more characters from the Batman universe paying a visit to Arkham City, but those are villains portrayed in the latest trailer.

At first I wasn’t sure I liked the song used in the trailer, but after a listen or two it grew on me and I now feel it fits really well, especially when you pay attention to the lyrics. The song is called Short Change Hero by The Heavy.

Batman has all the same capabilities from the previous game and looks to have a few new moves at his disposal. Joker looks really beat up in this game, but anyone who finished the first game will know why. I can’t wait to jump in and do my first 50 move combo. Here’s to counting down the days till release and if your gonna be waiting, might as well watch this awesome trailer while your doing it.

Official Website:

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