Gun Bros shoots it way onto Android

by Dave Loft

Gun Bros (Glu Mobile)

This free game is a killer, literally. You play one of two characters in the top down shooter with waves of increasingly difficult enemies. The longer you survive and the more enemies you kill the more xplodium and experience you earn. The xplodium is then traded in for money to spend on weapons and Armour. Unlocking stuff takes a long time to earn but the payoff is enjoyable.

Unfortunately the user interface needs work, the menus are cluttered and not well designed from an ease of use standpoint. The menu buttons are small and it’s easy to hit the wrong one. Also once you die it takes too long to get back into the action. Your first taken to a screen to convert the xplodium into cash, a process that just adds an extra step and is not really needed in the game. After converting to cash your taken to the store even though it will take a couple dozen games before you can even afford anything. I would prefer after a game that it would just take you back to the main menu and let you select the option to play, quit or go to the store.

The good thing is once you are in a game the controls are easy to pick up and play. You use dual analog sticks to move and aim and the gun combat is one of the best of it’s kind. While the concept is simple, the game is fairly difficult. You really need to keep moving and avoid getting surrounded by enemies and it doesn’t take much to die. Thankfully you have more than just your guns to take out enemies. Throughout the environment are items you can shoot at that will explode and take out enemies near it. You can also purchase power ups to use when the action gets overwhelming. Some of the power ups include shields, orbital strikes, tactical nukes and a temper tantrum that gives you a boost in speed, defense and attack ability.

The graphics and art style are great, easily the best looking of it’s kind. The game is massive and the developer promises more to come. I can’t wait for the multiplayer version as the co-op game style seems destined to be even better when played with a friend. Also good news for anyone who has limited internal phone storage and cache. Thankfully the developer has released a small apk on the market that is only 1MB in size. When launched the game downloads the remaining 100MB to your SD card. Going forward with the limited space available on many phones and the growing trend of larger games this process will become a requirement.

All in all it’s yet another great free game for Android, hit up the Android Market to download.

Score: 7.5

Android Market Link: Gun Bros
Official Website:

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