Modern Combat 2 answers the Call of Duty

by Dave Loft

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus (Gameloft)

Black Pegasus is by far, the best first person shooter on Android. It’s surprisingly beautiful considering it’s being played on a phone and easily equals what was cutting edge on a PC just six years ago. To no surprise the games production value is top notch. The menu is well designed and easy to use. The sound quality is top notch with a good soundtrack and great voice overs. The controls are just about as good as you can get and are very customizable, allowing you to move the position of the virtual buttons to your liking.

The game is obviously Gameloft’s version of Modern Warfare and they don’t pretend not to be. But with the lack of competition in this field and no Call of Duty game available, it’s not surprising to see them deliver a game people want. Many clones in the gaming world are usually under cooked, but this clearly isn’t the case. Black Pegasus brings with it a fantastic multiplayer game that offers the now standard ranking system. The drive for better weapons and a higher rank will keep you playing the game for many hours.

The single player is an epic romp around the globe offering the standard assortment of jungle, desert, winter and an off shore oil rig combat. The enemies aren’t particularly intelligent compared to what you would find on a modern console. But their accuracy and numbers keeps things challenging for an Android game. The story is lacking any depth but then that’s not uncommon for a shooter, especially one on a phone.

Truly the only way to find fault with the game is to compare it to games that you would play on your home console. It’s when you step back and change your point of comparison to other smartphone games that you realize how stellar of a game this really is. Gameloft has made a game that truly delivers that console quality experience on a phone. An ability that so far few developers can pull off.

Score: 9.5

Official Website:

For those interested, the game is only for the highest end of phones and must be purchased from Gameloft directly. Games can be paid with credit card or PayPal and with some carriers, carrier billing is an option. Any game purchased can be easily re-downloaded by heading to on your phone and selecting ‘My Downloads’ at the bottom of the page. Login with your email or phone number and any game purchased available for that model will appear. Modern Combat 2 will occasionally check for updates when launched and download them automatically if needed.

phone: 1-800-910-3186

    • john robertson
    • August 18th, 2011

    OK. My really, really big problem is…Why isnt Modern Combat 2 on the Motorola Zoom yet? Not a happy gamer at all.

    • frantex ojong
    • October 6th, 2011

    i can play the ful version of morden combat in my nokia phone even when trying 2 purchase the unlockin code

      • john robertson
      • January 2nd, 2012

      Good for you. But the Modern combat 2 isn’t optimized for the Motorola Xoom. Even though, now modern combat 3, works on it. Why!!?

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