Air Attack HD fails on launch

by Dave Loft

The full version of Air Attack HD from Art in Games launched on Android today and it has a few issues. I was browsing the Android Market on the web earlier and came across the full version of Air Attack HD. I purchased it right away only to find it would not download. I tried three times and it would still not download.

So I loaded up the Android Market on my phone and searched for the game. But the full version I purchased was not listed. There was only a part 1 and part 2 listed. When I clicked on part 2 it mentioned that it was for the Samsung Galaxy S phones. I went back to the Android Market on the web browser and clicked on the game I had just purchased and read why I was unable to download. There was an issue with Samsung phones and games over 30MB from the Android Market.

So it’s definitely my fault for not reading about the game so most users would say to just refund it, but unfortunately it’s not that simple. The only way to refund a game is using the Android Market on the phone and since the market on the phone is blocking me from accessing it, I am stuck with the purchase. To that point, I should never have been able to purchase the game in the first place. If I try to purchase a game like Samurai II from the Android Market in the tab labeled send to, my Galaxy S device is grayed out. If I try to click on my phone it says ‘This item is not compatible with your device’. This was sloppy work on the developers part, as if not compatible with the Galaxy S, it should have been blocked. According to the developer it appears that the Galaxy S can’t be filtered out as the only criteria with which to do so is insufficient in this particular case.

The best way to bring Air Attack HD to the Android Market would have been to launch a single purchase and download that would have worked on all devices. This would have eliminated the need for multiple versions of the game on the market. The developer would then have hosted the game files on a server so that when the user launches the game the remaining files are downloaded to the storage card. This is exactly what other developers such as Gameloft, EA, Polarbit and Glu Mobile do with their titles.

This ultimately would have been the simplest and best way for everyone involved. It wouldn’t cause issues or confusion for the users and for the developers, having just one game in the market would result in better sales. The better sales would come from just one version of the  game having a better chance of hitting the top ten sales list which in turn results in better sales.

Ultimately the result of Art in Games launch of Air Attack HD on Android was a complete fail is less than stellar.

    • Colargol
    • March 12th, 2011

    Android Market official limit for applications is 50 MB.
    Samsung devices violates this rule, and have own limit set to 30 MB for no reason.

    Android market cannot filter out devices by manufacturer nor device name nor file size, only by features, screen resolution, CPU architecture, OpenGL ES version, etc.

    Reason why You don’t see e.g. “Samurai II: Vengeance THD” is because it is filtered by Tegra processor and/or minimal screen resolution.

    AirAttack HD supports resolution from 800 x 480 to THD resolutions, ARMv7 CPU architecture and OpenGL ES2 filtering is set, but all this is valid also for Samsung devices.

  1. Yeah I’m aware of the 30MB limit on Samsung. It was never an issue till just recently when Google changed the limit on the Market from 25 to 50MB.

    I guess that is why most developers release a small file on the market and just offer a separate download to the SD card when the game is launched. There is no limit when done this way.

    Given the filters available, it makes sense as to why there is no way to block the Samsung device from purchasing. But why does it show up on the web based Market and not on the Market on the phone? But I guess that’s more of a question for Google.

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