PewPew is a blast from the past

by Dave Loft

PewPew (Jean-François Geyelin)

PewPew looks and plays very much like Geometry Wars and space shooters of the past. The game has a wonderful vibe built from it’s bright vector graphics and funky soundtrack. The menus have a great minimalist style that works so well while displaying very little.

PewPew goes beyond the competition when it comes to how you can play. There are four modes available to you, Pandemonium, Assault , Chromatic Conflict and Dodge this. If your new to this style of gameplay I suggest starting with Dodge this. As the name suggests  it focuses on avoiding objects to stay alive. This will help you get used to controlling your movement without worrying about shooting.

In Pandemonium, your main objective is to survive the onslaught of blue ships and exploding green cubes. You get a new life every 10,000 points. But it’s unlikely you will hit that level without much practice. Chromatic Conflict is a most unique game mode offered. You can only destroy enemies that have the same colour as your ship. You can change the colour of your ship by moving over the coloured pulsars in the corner of the levels. This game mode requires more strategy then the others and is ultimately the one with the best replay value.

The Assault mode is a quick pick up and play kind of game. You only have one life and your main objective is to destroy as many enemies as you can. To make it you will have to collect as many boxes as you can to increase your score and shield points. Enemy ships will come in waves from all sides and if your not quick enough, you will be squeezed out.

The only thing I can find wrong with the game is the lack of sound effects. For a game called PewPew I would of expected the pew sound when firing. The only thing you hear in the game is music, but at least the soundtrack is great. The game lacks multiplayer but includes online high scores for comparison with friends and the legions of PewPew fans around the world.

Overall this is a game well worth installing and offers more than enough gameplay for a free title. Hit up the Android Market to pick this one up.

Score: 7.5

Android Market Link: PewPew
Official Website:

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