Meganoid jumps onto Android

by Dave Loft

Meganoid (OrangePixel)

I’ve always enjoyed OrangePixel games, but none of them have captured my attention quite as well as Meganoid has. If there is any game I have played more than HexDefense, it’s Meganoid. The game provides a very 8-bit Mega Man vibe, but with a completely unique and compelling gaming experience. Compelling in that you just need to beat one more level. I have spent many hours with this game and I’m really happy to play a game on my phone that’s actually challenging.

Considering the twitch nature of the game, the controls do well to keep things simple. On the left is the movement buttons and on the right is just one button, jump. In a game that’s built around jumping it’s crucial that it’s easy to find that button. This is one action game, where the touch screen doesn’t get in the way of having fun and making the jump. Shooting is involved in the game but it’s more a puzzle element than a power through crutch. Check out the video to see how it works.

To top off this excellent game is the price, free. Hit up the Android Market and give this game a go.

Score: 9.0

Android Market Link: Meganoid
Official Website:

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