HexDefense lights up the Android Market

by Dave Loft

HexDefense (Gotow.net)

HexDefense is currently my favorite tower defense game on Android. The game is very intuitive and easy to get in and play, but takes a while to master. You have just four towers to defend your base and each tower has three upgrades available. The key like any good tower defense is to make your enemy take a longer route to get to your base and HexDefense does this well.

The graphics have a very retro feel, but with smooth animation and gorgeous particle effects, easily making it the best looking game in it’s class. The game comes with 20 levels and I am hopeful more will come down the line. This game has been one of my main go to games lately. Even if I don’t have much time to play, I can start a game and if I can’t finish, it will automatically save it for later. The game is playable on most Android devices, high end or not. While not as smooth, the game played beautifully on an HTC Legend. But for the best visuals a Galaxy S class device is recommended.

Hit up the Android Market to purchase the game or grab the free version with 3 levels to get a feel for the game first.

Score: 8.0

Android Market Link: HexDefense
Official Website: HexDefense.com

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