Backup Your Digital Life

by Dave Loft

Google recently had a hiccup and lost 150,000 Google accounts including email, contacts calender and any files stored within it. I would also assume that this would include any app purchased for their Android device as well. Even though they say they will be able to restore all of them over the next few days, it did make me think about that possibility of losing my data. So I went searching for a way to backup my Google account and came across backupify.

Backupify allows you to backup all of the accounts listed below:
Facebook (Profile) Facebook Profiles and Fan Pages
Google Contacts Google Contacts, Calender, Docs, Gmail, Blogger, Sites, Picasa
Flickr Flickr
LinkedIn LinkedIn
Twitter Twitter
Zoho Zoho

They offer a free personal account which allows you to link to 5 social media accounts and store up to 2GB of data. This account will only be good for people who don’t actually delete emails. If you just let your email account run wild like me you will most likely need several gigabytes of storage. Also if you have Google Apps domain account you will need to get a paid account.

For $5 a month the Pro 100 account allows you to link to 25 social media accounts, 5 Google Apps domain accounts and store up to 20GB of data. For $20 a month they offer a Pro 500 account which allows you to link an unlimited amount of social media accounts with an unlimited amount of data. It also includes backup for up to 10 Google Apps domain accounts and extra accounts can be added for $3 each.

I’m currently using a free monthly trial for the Pro 100 account and I am quite happy with how it works. Once setup and linked to all your sites you don’t have anything else to do, everything is automatic. If in the future your Google account is lost you can easily use Backupify to restore it. The only thing they need to do to improve their service is add support for more services, Hotmail, Yahoo and WordPress would all make great additions. But if your like me and your life is stored online, you really should consider backing up your data. Far too often people don’t think to backup till it’s too late.

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