Battlefield 3 Premiere Gameplay Trailer

by Dave Loft

This game has been a long time coming as Battlefield 2 was released way back in 2005. After Battlefield 2 and 2142, DICE was distracted by the large pool of console gamers. Much to the dismay of Battlefield fans which up to this point were PC only, they released Battlefield Bad Company and made it consoles only. Thankfully with the release of Battlefield Bad Company 2 the game made it’s way back to the PC. Unfortunately for PC gamers the game was scaled back in size from previous Battlefield games on PC. It supported less players, more confined maps and no jets leaving only helicopters for the sky. Even still, Bad Company 2 felt very much like the Battlefield days of yore and made it to number 1 on my top PC games of 2010.

The player count for Battlefield 3 on PC is back to 64 players like Battlefield 2, while the console version will be stuck with just 24 players. With a player discrepancy that large it comes to reason that  level sizes and design will be different between the PC and console versions. It looks like Battlefield 3 will be best played on PC. I think the fact that the PC version of Bad Company 2 sold so well compared to the console versions gave EA and DICE an incentive to bring the Battlefield games focus back to the PC.

Last week we saw the very first teaser trailer for Battlefield 3 and it had no gameplay footage. It had only the theme and distorted scratchy sound effects. This week they launched a new trailer which looked and felt very much like the first but included snippets of gameplay footage inter-spliced in the trailer. The footage is brief and jumps from one scene to the next fairly quickly. You really have to pause the trailer to really take in each scene. The graphics of the game look well beyond any first person shooter I have seen to date. Battlefield 3 knocks Brink and Diablo 3 down a peg on my list for most anticipated games.

*Updated March 1st
A new gameplay trailer called Fault Line was made available today with quite a bit more in game footage.

*Updated March 16th
Fault Line Episode II was made available today and it’s looking impressive.

*Update March 28th
Fault Line Episode III was just made available.

Full 12 minute reveal is coming April 17th.

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