Favorite Android Apps Part III

by Dave Loft

If you love your apps but hate the ads you can use AdFree to remove the ad. Unfortunately with some apps it leaves a gaping hole on the screen. But at least you won’t have any accidental click through. This app is for Angry Birds fans who are angry that an ad free version is not available. Also remember, this app is for root users only.
Android Market link

(Paddy Foran)
android2cloud is the opposite of Chrome2Phone from my previous list. android2cloud lets you push anything that can be shared to your computer. I use it often if I find a YouTube video I want to watch. With this app I can push the link into my browser and watch the video on a bigger screen.
Android Market Link

This is for anyone who enjoys customizing their Mii on their Nintendo Wii. Or their avatar on Xbox Live. You start with a the standard green Android and you can customize everything from colour, to hair, to clothing and accessories. Once created you can easily share your Android character just about anywhere. This app almost belongs under games.
Android Market Link

App 2 SD
(Sam Lu)
Are you running out of application storage? Do you hate having to check each and every app if it supports moving to the sd card? Do you want an app that automatically does this for you and can notify you when an app can be moved. The functionality of this app should be built into Android, but since it isn’t this app is crucial to anyone who has memory management issues.
Android Market Link

cloudList (quarterStaf)
This app is my favorite list making app that allows me to easily share lists with friends and family. If there is anything we need we just add it to our list and its pushed to anyone were sharing it with. I use this app with my wife for grocery shopping. The app goes beyond a simple list by allowing you to specify the number of units and the category the item should be listed under.
Android Market Link

Comics (Comixology)
This is the best app for comic book fans. No other app allows you to view a full size comic so effortlessly on the small display of a phone. It offers a huge selection of comics from just about every publisher. Currently Marvel is missing, but it is reported to be coming soon. Every week well over a hundred comics are made available for purchase. There are also plenty of free comics to choose from. I can’t wait to try this app out on a tablet.
Android Market Link

CNET TV (CBS Interactive)
Any tech fans out there will be familiar with CNET TV. With multiple new episodes added everyday from a colourful cast of characters which help make this an informative and entertaining app to use. The app goes beyond the competitors by also allowing you to watch podcasts live, something the TWiT app does not allow. If you want to stay up to date with anything tech and prefer to watch then read, this app is for you.
Android Market Link

I use this app all the time. If I want to know what that actors name is, or if I want to know what other movies that actress is in. The app is very well designed and when movies, TV or celebrities it shows a list in order of popularity. The app was recently revamped and have added a news and showtimes section making this the movie and television app available. The only thing it lacks is the social aspect Flixster’s Movies offers allowing users to rate movies they have seen and list movies they want to see.
Android Market Link

Photoshop (Adobe)
While the camera on a smartphone is not the best camera, it’s most likely the only camera you have with you all the time. Because of this, I tend to use it much more than my SLR. The one thing that does make a phone a better camera is the ability to edit and then upload your photos on the go without needing to transfer the files to a computer first. My Galaxy S takes good photos but combined with photoshop I can now have great photos. With each generation of phone the camera gets better and the closer the point and shoot cameras get to becoming obsolete. Photoshop should be in any photographer on the go’s phone.
Android Market Link

This is the best place to go to watch music videos. While YouTube is also a great place to go for music videos the focus and attention to detail that VEVO pays to music makes it a standout app. The app is smooth, in design and motion. There is no stutter  when scrolling through lists and images don’t pop up, they fade in. When loading a video, you are greeted with facts about the artists and options for more info, share and buy. The only downside is the occasional commercial, but it’s a small price to pay for a great collection of music videos.
Android Market Link

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    • mike gallego
    • March 21st, 2011

    I just got my droidX. My favorite app is called “What’s for Lunch?”. It’s an app to help you find a place to eat based on GPS zip code. The funny part is the monkey who will find a random place for you to eat. He does funny things and the backgrounds look like Jersey shore crew, Howard Stern and Charlie Sheen. Funny app.

  1. February 24th, 2011
  2. February 28th, 2011

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