EA Mobile has left the Canadian Android Market and Removed Your Purchase History From the U.S. as Well

I was browsing the Android Market tonight and found no sign of EA Mobile. I did a search for Need for Speed Shift, Tetris and the Sims 3 and found no results. I had purchased all three of these games and I now am unable to re download them from the market.

*Update* EA Mobile is back on the Canadian market, all four games are available. Need for Speed still doesn’t work on my Galaxy S.

I used Market Enabler to spoof the Market into thinking I was from the U.S. and did a search for EA Mobile there as well. I was able to find it on the U.S. Android Market but unfortunately it only listed The Sims 3 as purchased. Need for Speed Shift and Tetris are listed at $9.99 and $4.99 respectively. Which is a price increase from yesterdays $4.99 and $2.99. They seem to have removed those two games then put them back up on the market.

*Update* In the US, only Verizon customers are affected by this.

When I click on the game it shows fewer than 50 downloads and little to no comments. I say little because there is only one so far, mine. I bought the game for the purpose of giving EA a bad review then I returned it. When I ran the game I was surprised to see it actually worked. For anyone who hasn’t read my previous post about Need For Speed Shift it no longer worked after an update to the game was released in late December. The previous working version was 1.0.57 and was updated to 1.0.58 which no longer worked on my Galaxy S.

The version of Need For Speed Shift they just put back up on the market is 1.0.57 so anyone who previously purchased NFS Shift, this may now work for you. Unfortunately with a price tag of $9.99 and the history of screwing everyone who previously bought the game. I don’t think many people will be giving EA any money on the Android Market anytime soon.

My previous post
EA is having issues with Need For Speed Shift on the Android Market …and it has nothing to do with Fragmentation

Dave Loft

  1. January 24th, 2011

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