Android Devices Upgraded to 2.2 in Canada

The big news story in the US is how Samsung has been slow to update their Galaxy S line. A similar chart was made in the US to show the percentage of manufacturers that upgrade their phone. When comparing the two charts you see completely different results between Canada and the US.

By comparison HTC has upgraded 50% of devices in the US to 2.2 but in Canada they have only upgraded 11% thus far. The HTC Desire on Telus is the single HTC devices upgraded. When we look at Motorola in the US we see 15.4% which doesn’t look great but it’s far better than in Canada where zero Motorola devices have been updated. Motorola’s support in Canada is pathetic with the best device being the Motorola Milestone aka Droid. Canada has no Droid 2 or Droid X or Droid Pro.

The real shocking difference is with Samsung. Who as I said has received a lot of complaint due to the length of time the update process has taken in the US. Unfortunately for Americans, Samsung has chosen to upgrade their devices last. As all Galaxy S devices in Canada have been upgraded to 2.2 and Samsung has done pretty much the same world wide. I find it odd that people blame Samsung for this and not the US carriers. Samsung has proven everywhere else they can update their devices in a timely fashion. In Canada we have 66% of all Samsung devices that have been upgraded to Froyo. In the US, it’s just 11.1%.

I know it’s frustrating to not get your update but I think Americans need to calm down and stop with the Samsung hate. They’re working on it and unfortunately the American carriers are slowing things down. Motorola is the biggest issue for us in Canada. But on Canadian mobile sites I don’t see Canadian Milestone owners going bat shit insane like their American counterparts have done. Thank god T-Mobile is in the process of finally releasing their update. I can’t wait till all 4 US carriers have it done, so we can finally put the Samsung hate to bed.

Dave Loft

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