Gameloft has new games coming to Android

The New Games

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus
This was tweeted by Gameloft almost a week ago so it is guaranteed to be coming. When looking at Gameloft’s previous release cycle, I believe this game will be available Friday.
* Update*  Modern Combat 2 is now available (1.28.2011)

Guitar Rock Tour 2
Not announced but it did show up on Gameloft Live in early January. Gameloft also has a finished page on their site basically confirming the game without say a word.

Real Golf 2011
Just like Guitar Rock this game showed up on Gameloft Live and has a finished page from While there has been no mention from Gameloft, the completeness of their sites say sooner rather than later.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline
First the game was mentioned by Gameloft on Twitter in December. Then it showed up at CES on an Acer Tablet. Then I find it’s website confirming it is coming, but it most likely won’t be soon.
Update*  Asphalt 6 is now available (3.15.2011)

NOVA 2 was mentioned and confirmed back in December on Twitter. With the games website not only lacks images and videos, but also copy and seeing as the game just hit iPhone. I suspect it will be quite a while before we see it hit Android.
Update*  NOVA 2 is now available but only for the Xperia Play (4.18.2011)
Update*  NOVA 2 is now available to other high end Android devices (5.06.2011)

On An Interesting Note

In the past six weeks Gameloft has released 10 new games on Android. Their current lineup of games is now 22 titles deep. Far beyond any other publisher on Android. If they can turn the community around and get them used to the idea of buying their games from they have the opportunity to capture the market ahead of juggernauts like EA and Activsion.

Gangstar: Miami Vindication, the last of those ten games was released last Friday. The game has great potential with it’s GTA style game-play and fantastic visuals. Unfortunately the inconsistent audio and especially the random slowdowns takes away from the game quite a bit. Hopefully an update will be released to fix this. I shot some video of it when I got it to show what it’s like.

For a preview of their then new games announced in December hit the following link.

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Dave Loft

    • Ben
    • June 28th, 2011

    Hey just started Nova 2 on HTC Desire HD,,, best game eveeer.. dose anyone know how to add files to the playlist, or what format music has to be??? any help would be much appreciated, (

    • Yeah I noticed the music player was built into the game in the latest build and haven’t figured out how to use it. I have found no mention of it anywhere, but if I find anything I will post it here.

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