Gameloft releases Ultimate Spiderman: Total Mayhem for Android

So I woke up this morning to a great surprise, Ultimate Spiderman is now available for Android. Gameloft has been on a real Android kick lately and this is their 4th game in the past couple weeks. First was Let’s Golf 2, then Brothers in Arms 2 and Fishing Kings before releasing probably their best game yet Spiderman.

I know many people have a hatred towards Gameloft for not supporting the Android Market. But their own store experience has steadily improved over the past couple months and is now a completely pain free experience. Just stay away from buying games on their desktop site and stick to the phone. The other great news is the pricing, at $5 these games are a great buy. But right now all games are going for $2.50 Canadian which is a steal for the depth and quality that they games provide. As it stands Gameloft has the majority of the games going on my best of 2010 Android games list so don’t let the lack of Android market compatibility keep you from the best collection of 3D games on the platform.

Spiderman is very polished with a great presentation, graphics sound effects and voice overs. The combat is quick and intense and if you have ever played Batman Arkham Asylum you will be right at home. The touch screen controls are extremely well done and I never felt like the lack of physical controls held me back. The only blemish on an almost perfect package would be the camera. For the most part it does a great job keeping what you need to see on the screen. But occasionally it was positioned oddly making it difficult to move into the next room. If you were to only buy one game, this is the game you should get.

I shot of a video of the opening cinematic as well as some gameplay. Excuse the bad gaming skills as I had one hand holding the camera and the game really requires two to play well. I also have a video I shot while inside one of Gameloft games showing their Gameloft Live service. When I clicked on the games tab it showed me a few games not yet available on Android but should be coming soon. A day after shooting the video Fishing Kings HD came out and mention of GT Racing: Motor Academy on their desktop website means the others are not far behind.

I was also talking to a rep at Gameloft who could not give any release data but said N.O.V.A. 2 will be hitting Android very soon. My guess is December 24th which is the last day of Advent Calender and Gameloft has promised a big surprise for us. The only thing else that could be better is bringing their library to the Android Market. Time will tell I guess. Happy gaming.

Dave Loft

    • Mark
    • December 24th, 2010

    I’ve downloaded Spiderman Total Mayhem and all I get the GameLoft logo and the intro, then the game blacks out. It stops loading.

    I talked to GameLoft and they instructed me to delete it and download the game again, but it still does not work after 2nd download.

    The game automatically downloads to the phones memory and not the SD card. Has anyone that you know of had this or a similar issue? Can someone please help? Thx.

  1. I have not seen that issue myself with my Nexus One or my Galaxy S. My friend with a Desire Z has not had any issues like that at all.

    Is there enough space on the sd card to hold the game, you need at least 150MB.

    I would suggest going to your SD Card and finding the Gameloft\Games folder and delete Spiderman. You may need to download a file browser like ES File Explorer. Then run the game and see if it will download all the files for you. I would also suggest you connect to wi-fi to do the downloading.

    If that doesn’t work can you tell me what phone you have? Did you choose the right model when buying it? Or did you buy it from the mobile site where it would have automatically slected the right version?

    I will see what I can do, if nothing works give me your email and I will get in touch with my contact at Gameloft and see if he can help you.

    Happy Holidays.

      • Mark
      • December 24th, 2010

      Thx for your help. I have been going crazy trying to get help with this. I really appreciated it.
      I have spiderman on the HTC EVO.
      It works now because of your suggestion for me to erase it off of the sd card.
      My game originally got interupted during the downloading process,when it was downloading from the wi fi setting.

      I cut my bluetooth ear piece off and my phone started over. So whenever i would download it from the link after that it would give me the same problem.
      Basicly game loft intro,spiderman intro and nothing. After your suggestion it works great. Awesome game.

      Thx again.
      Happy Holidays

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