Netflix: the Good the Bad and the Ugly

Good: the service is great with almost 30,000 titles to stream.

Bad: They are rolling out a new $7.99 plan just for streaming. Their normal $8.99 plan includes 1 DVD. They advertise that price on the homepage, they get you sign up and give them your credit card before telling you that you don’t qualify for that plan and they push the higher priced ones on you. It defaults to the $13.99 two DVD plan which is the plan I accidentally committed too.

Ugly: So I called customer service and told them what happened. They said they couldn’t give me the $7.99 plan and that they had no control over it and it was just limited to test the demand for such a service. I scoffed at that and said the best way to test the demand was to make it available to everyone. They suggested that if they cancel my account and delete my email that I could try to sign up again and hopefully get the promotion. Which I tried and subsequently was denied yet again. But not only for the $7.99 plan but also the free 1 month trial was no longer available. I called customer service back again and told them what happened. This customer service rep was more knowledgeable and told me that there was no chance to get the $7.99 plan or free trial unless I used another email, address, and credit card. Unfortunately not an option for me. So I was stuck paying an extra month and an extra dollar for the service and there’s nothing I can do about it except go back to piracy or deal with it.

Dave Loft
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