How Big Is Steam?

by Dave Loft

I have always been interested in statistics and numbers and how things stack up. I always wanted to know how much of PC Gaming does Steam currently hold. Since they’re a private company they don’t have to release their numbers. If you read my previous post on this subject you would know that valve does give some information away. One bit of info they show is the number of current players in the most popular games.

Tonight before firing up Medal of Honor I checked to see how it was doing on the chart and unsurprisingly it’s not doing too well with 2153 current players running the multiplayer client. Once I was in MOH I chose ‘Matchmake’ and before I had selected my mode of play I noticed under the option ‘Any’ it listed the total current players and it only listed 3821.

Now ignoring any other obvious factors to this equation and it means 56% of people who own Medal of Honor bought it through Steam.  Most likely some of the players listed on steam were not yet in a game and still in the menu so they wouldn’t have yet counted toward the total number of players currently playing. Even with that discrepancy I still believe it leaves Steam with the majority of PC game sales.

It’s rare when I can get two correlating numbers with which to draw a likely conclusion. I’m not really sure if the numbers are reliable and wither or not they accurately depict pc gaming as a whole. It is the first bit of information that has confirmed my suspicion that Steam is a staple in any PC gamer’s repertoire. The reality reinforced by the fact that about half of my Steam friends buy all of their games from it.

  1. October 13th, 2010

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