Google phone coming to Mobilicity

Previously the only legitimate way to get an Android phone on Mobilicity was to buy the Nexus One from Google at $529 US and have it shipped to you in Canada. Google recently stopped selling the phone leaving no choice besides getting a T-Mobile device and unlocking it or getting a Bell, Telus or Roger’s phone and living without 3G.

Yesterday came the news  that Moblicity would finally be carrying an Android device and it turned out to be Google’s venerable Nexus One. Unlike Bell, Telus or Roger’s with Mobilicity there are no contracts. This unfortunately means you will have to buy the phone at full price. It will be $549 CD compared to just $79 for the HTC Desire from Telus on a 3 year contract. The HTC Desire is the cousin to the HTC built Nexus One and bears the same form factor and specifications of it’s Google branded partner.

While the initial price may be high with Mobilicity, the plan will be significantly cheaper and will easily pay for itself by the end of a term equivalent to a contract. Hit the link the check out the press release from Mobilicity.

Mobilicity Press Release

HTC Nexus One Specifications

Dave Loft

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