I got hell’d up for $2,702.70 by Bell

The last few times I have had to deal with Bell it went surprising well. They were helpful and friendly and took care of everything I needed. I guess eventually they were bound to do something wrong. I bought an HTC Touch Pro almost 2 years ago from Bell and signed the 3 year contract. 4 months ago I bought a Nexus One and transfered the service without issue.

Last week I went and bought the Samsung Galaxy S phone and transfered my service over. I gave my wife the Nexus One. I have a really good plan that is way better than what their currently offering so I don’t want to mess with that. $50 for 600 minutes, unlimited data, unlimited text, voice mail, call display and fab 5.

So anyways to the screw up. Yesterday I got a text from Bell saying ‘Your data usage is over $250. To control costs, we will suspend your service if your charges reach $500. Call 1-888-457-7304 to discuss.’

So I immediately called them and told them I have unlimited data what do you mean I have $250 in data usage. The first thing they asked me is if I was tethering. I said no but he didn’t believe me but said he would look into it and see if tech had noticed a problem with their system.

I was angry and said I didn’t care what their system says I didn’t tether. I have seen my bills and they can’t even keep track my data usage properly. The previous month bill show’s 80MB used and NetCounter on my phone shows over 1GB.

While I was waiting for him to get back I checked my account online and noticed that all my data usage with the Nexus One was being flagged as mobile browser and that all my usage since I got the Samsung Galaxy S was tagging as data. They obviously had screwed up.

He came back and said ‘since my old phone was a pda phone and now I have a smartphone that the current plan is not compatible. He said smartphones use data not mobile browser and I would need to switch plans.

I was quite upset by this point and pointed out how ridiculous that statement was and that data was data. My previous phone was virtually identical as far as Bell is concerned. I said this was complete BS and a total lie feed to misinformed consumers.

He said ‘There is no way Bell would lie to their customers’ and I said since 99% of not only consumers but Bell employees don’t understand this that it’s kinda not a lie, at least most of the time.

I said I refused to change plans, you should have mentioned it before I bought the phone. Bell screwed up they can fix this in a way that doesn’t effect me.

He left again to discuss this with his supervisor then his manager. Finally he did come back apologized for the inconvenience and said that the issue is on their end and that I can use my phone how I have, I do not need to change plans and I do not need to pay the overage fee. Thankfully it was resolved but it took an hour on the phone to do it. At this point I thought to push for some reimbursement from Bell for the waste of time but was so happy to be done with it without charge or change to my account that I thanked him and ended my call.

It worked out well for me but I’m not sure if it’s because I made a fuss or if they recognize their is an issue in their system. So if anyone else has kept their plan and bought a the Galaxy S or possibly any new phone recently. Check your unbilled usage to see if your data is getting flagged as data or mobile browser if not you better call Bell to get it worked out.

Dave Loft

  1. As I found out later, changing your APN from inet.bell.ca to pda.bell.ca will fix this issue.

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