5 Questions to ask someone to determine if they’re an Apple Fan-boy

1. How many iPhone 4’s suffer from antenna issue?

If they answer 0.55%, you know they’re an Apple Fan-Boy.

One would have to be a fool to think that everyone with an iPhone 4 reception issue would call Apple Care. The majority would do nothing but complain online, or go to the store where they bought the phone or the provider of their cell phone service. I worked in retail, trust me, people always come back to the store and they rarely contact the manufacturer themselves.

2. How many more calls does the iPhone 4 drop than iPhone 3GS?

If they answer 1%, you know they’re an Apple Fan-Boy.

Steve Jobs was not allowed to give too much information but did provide one fact and it’s that out of 100 calls the iPhone 4 drops 1 more than the 3GS. A delusional fan-boy will quickly gravitate to the message Steve Job wanted them to believe in that it drops 1% more. But the reality is we do not know how many out of 100 it is. Really if it’s 1% more than the 3GS drops 99 and the iPhone dropped 100%. I guess that’s why hardly anyone actually completed their complaint call to Apple support. But honestly if the 3GS drops 1 out 100 calls than the iPhone 4 is dropping 2, then that’s 100% more and anything worse than 1 out of 100 is not good enough.

3. What is the first phone to do video calling?

If they answer iPhone 4, you know they’re an Apple Fan-Boy.

It will be the first sold by a Canadian carrier. But it is not the first in the US and definitely not compared to the rest of the world who have had video calling for five years.

4. What is the first mobile phone to have Apps?

If they answer the iPhone, you know they’re an Apple Fan-Boy.

The app store on the iPhone may be the most well known but it wasn’t the first.

5. Who invented the modern GUI?

If they answer Apple, you know they’re an Apple Fan-Boy.

Apple was the first to market with their first Macintosh. But it was an idea taken from Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) who originally invented the GUI and the mouse. The big wigs at Xerox did not have the foresight to understand what they were being shown and chose not to invest further in it. Apple procured access to this technology and used what they learned to develop their first GUI.

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