Gameloft’s new DRM explained

So I got an email from Dumitru at Gameloft in regards to their new DRM. His first email sent me the download links to games I had purchased including instructions to remove any trace of the previous installation. He mentioned that the new DRM was a great improvement but unfortunately didn’t go into specifics.

I emailed him regarding the specifics on the DRM used and I received his reply yesterday. I had asked him what would happen if I gave my wife my Nexus One and I got the Samsung Galaxy S for myself. He explained that each copy of the game has a unique ID which is sent to Gameloft’s servers and is tied to a specific device. Since the user account doesn’t matter technically my wife could use the games after the switch but I could not.

On the plus side he said in case I want to run the game on another phone, he would send me a new link to download. As soon as I was sent the APK files I installed, than removed and tested the ability to reinstall. It all worked perfectly without issue and it’s definitely a requirement. I have Froyo which adds the ability to move apps to the SD card but over 90% of the apps I use do not support it and that includes Gameloft’s games.

The only thing they haven’t implemented is a way to get users updated versions of the games. If they could accomplish this they will have addressed the majority of peoples concerns. I understand that some of you will never consider buying anything from Gameloft if it isn’t sold through the Market. But I see no reason to deny oneself the breadth of gaming they’re providing simply over the delivery method of choice. It is good to see Gameloft improving their service to meet the needs of the their customers, it truly is a rare thing these days.

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Dave Loft

  1. Let me get this straight.. Can’t iOS users install their Gameloft games on as many devices as they want as long as they are using the same App Store account? So they are just taking advantage of Android’s 3rd party market system to screw over Android users?

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