Getting Back Into The Grove

I haven’t put any posts up in a while and so much has happened during that time. The G20 causing havoc in my city, an earthquake, a trip home, my birthday and a few new games to keep me occupied.

Transformers: War for Cybertron is far better than I was expecting. I enjoy that the campaign can also be played in Co-op and they definitely spent some time on the multi-player. It borrows the Call of Duty formula with the leveling up, perks and kill streaks. It doesn’t break any new ground but what it does it does quite well.

Lot’s of interesting stuff in the mobile space to discuss with new phones from Motorola, Samsung and Apple. My wife wants to get a Nexus One and I’m considering giving her mine and getting the Samsung Galaxy S. It’s actually coming to Canada on Bell sometime in July. I’ve heard from Gameloft that their new DRM policy has been implemented in their latest Android games. I’m just waiting for more clarification before creating a post dedicated to that.

I had another great NxNE and have become fans of a few new bands. I have gotten as many albums in the last month as I’ve gotten in the previous four. Wolf Parade released a great new album last week, it’s no Apologies but it’s still a great listen.

Have a good one

Dave Loft

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