Apple’s iPhone Announcement … 2007?

Originally written in January 2007

Yeah I dug this one out of the archive, I found it interesting seeing what I thought about the original iPhone as iPhone 4 was just announced on Monday.

The Specs

• 3.5” Multi Touch Display, 320 x 480, 160 ppi
• 4 and 8 GB Capacity
• Quad Band GSM with EDGE, 802.11g and Bluetooth 2.0
• 2.0 MP Camera
• Runs a version of OSX
• $499 and $599 with 2 year contract

My Thoughts

This unit looks quite nice, but not completely revolutionary. The sleek interface, the proximity sensor and the multi touch display is about the only thing innovative, everything else is just standard issue. The major disappointments is the lack of an expansion slot and support for faster 3G Data services. Also a touch screen could never replace the tactile feeling of a QWERTY thumbpad. I don’t see this device being too popular with the business crowd, especially with no way to use the device with Microsoft Exchange.

Right now there isn’t enough information available for me to make an informed decision. It has Bluetooth, but what profiles are available? Is it really OSX or just called OSX? Will I be able to install my own applications? What about buying, sharing and streaming media to the device? What processor does it use and how much RAM does it have? Too many questions are left unanswered.

Launching this phone with a name they do not have the right to use is quite ballsy, so is announcing this device five months before it will be available. The competition just got the wakeup call and actually has some time to do something about it.

This is the device that will bring the mass market to the same realization I had years ago when I started using PocketPC’s. Why carry around so many dedicated devices when I can carry just one. This device is going to sell, but the fact that it cost so much and is limited to Cingular will keep it from doing as well as it could.

Dave Loft

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