Adobe Flash Player 10.1 release candidate is now officially available

Adobe has made their long awaited Flash Player update officially available for download on their site earlier this month. They offer downloads for Windows, Linux and Mac.

My mobile computer is a Gateway EC18 ultra portable with a 1.3GHz Core 2 Solo processor and an Intel GMA 4500 graphics chip. With prior versions of flash 720P videos on YouTube were choppy and didn’t provide the best experience. I had opted into the HTML5 beta on YouTube which offered me better performance than Flash could provide, but lacked proper full screen support and suffered severe frame rate drops when scaling the video to fill the web page.

After installing Adobe’s latest 10.1 update 720P videos played back perfectly smooth and leaves some CPU usage free which should help with battery life. It offers far superior performance than what HTML5 YouTube could provide with greater scaling performance and perfect full screen implementation.

Adobe’s Flash will not go down without a fight.

Hit the link to download Flash 10.1

Dave Loft

  1. I cannot believe that this can be true

    • What part do you not believe? Let me know and I will document it with video for proof.

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