Why does Bell suck at keeping track of data?

I singed up for contract on Bell with an HTC Touch Pro a year and a half ago which I unlocked a week after getting to run a custom ROM. A month ago I switched to the unlocked HTC built Google Nexus One. I am continuing my original contract and I have an unlimited Data plan with it. My old phone was on the CDMA network while my new phone is on the HSPA network.

First let me say I was really impressed with how easy the switch was and how quick it was accomplished. I thought they may make me sign another contract, or force another plan or make me wait a few days to transfer the service. But no, it was done in 5 minutes. Best experience I’ve had with Bell up to that point.

One thing I thought would change to when I switched to the newer network was better tracking of data. At the end of the month I would always have around 5-10 MB of data use on my Touch Pro according to Bell. I got my first bill from Bell which covers the month I had with my Nexus One and it says I used 15 MB. I have an app on my Android phone keeping track of data usage and so far today I have used 100 MB. They clearly are doing something wrong. When I look at my bill it shows each data connection just like it was a phone call or text and the data usage always shows 0.0977 MB or less no matter how long I’m connected and no matter how much I download.

Can anyone tell me why Bell can’t keep track of it? I know it’s nothing to complain about as it means I could drop to the 500MB plan and save some money. But it does worry me as Bell could just all of sudden start keeping track properly and then hit me with a huge overage charge. Does it have to do with the fact that the only phones I’ve used on Bell have been unlocked? Is it because I have unlimited data that they don’t put the full amount on the Bill?

I have asked a few Bell associates from the store as well as staff from Best Buy Mobile and none of them can answer this simple question. So I’m putting this out to the few people who read this blog and hopefully someone can answer this question.

Have a great weekend.

Dave Loft

    • Grandma Booger
    • June 5th, 2010

    Bell fuckin sucks!

    • Yeah thanks, that’s very helpful.

      Dealing with their customer service is hit or miss and is definitely not the best. But their HSPA network works well and I got a great deal on 700 minutes, fab 5, unlimited texting, call display, call waiting and unlimited data for $50. I see no reason to complain about Bell. I just don’t understand how they calculate data usage.

    • Grandma Booger
    • June 5th, 2010

    Alexander Bell invented the telephone, not the calculator.

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