Gameloft Changes their Policy

I got an email the other day from Gameloft and they seem to have changed their mind on the single download policy. Here it is in their own words.

Hello Dave

We’d like to announce you that policy regarding Android HD+ games sold through our own store is currently changed to allow you to re-download a game that you paid for.

Unfortunately this change will take a bit of time but rest assured we will announce once it is live.

Thank you for your patience.

Take care,
Dumitru Niculescu
Customer Care Manager

If this comes true than I will change my mind and give their service a recommendation. I would prefer their games be made available on the Android Market. But if this is the only downside, it’s a downside I can live with.

Dave Loft

    • SHO_ONE
    • June 8th, 2010

    I have decided to buy NOVA based on this letter…. if they chose not to change then I’ll be out $5 and they’ll be out the rest of my downloads and I’m sure yours… They’ll do this as they have no other choice but to bend to the will of there customer base…. We’re all in that boat, I do what my clients ask and so on!

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