Gameloft Store Back Up and it Actually Works (Sort of)

I mentioned last week how Gameloft had launched 10 new 3D games and got it all wrong. After all the complaints the site was ripped down and today it’s back up and is actually working. Not only that but the price I paid is only $3.00 Canadian as apposed to the advertised price of $6.99. Get em while their hot. So it’s not perfect and they probably don’t plan to announce it just yet, so I’m doing it for them.

*edit* It appears not everyone is having a good time on Gameloft’s store as some carriers do not seem to be available yet. Many people, myself included really would prefer to see Gameloft just get these games on the Android Market. I think it would bring in more sales and create less negative feedback towards Gameloft.

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Dave Loft

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