Cloudland Canyon Lie In Light Review

Originally written in 2008

Mediocrity comes to mind when first listening to the album Lie in Light. The opening track Krautwerk has a monotonous tone, turning me off the record somewhat. The vocals are annoying in this track, building to a repetitive ending. Overall as an album their vocals are minimal and just make up another instrument in the layering of sound. While my first impression of the record wasn’t great, it improved as the album progressed. Each track has its own unique sound while also fitting together well as a whole. It makes for an interesting musical experience, which only gets better when combined with a change of perspective.

My interest in Cloudland Canyon’s album began to improve with the third track You And I. The song builds well, maintaining a level of urgency. But like a river, the pace can vary, slowing down in the final stretches of the track. For most of the album their music has a soothing flow, like listening to a rush of wind or water. This flow extends to the chanting vocals, which have a strong feeling of spirituality. Similar to a heart, the pulses in the music give their songs life. The album is very trippy and atmospheric, effectively creating a feeling of three-dimensional space. I enjoyed their use of distorted electric guitars, it`s reminiscent of classic rock. Obviously, they pulled in influences from many sources in the creation of their own sound.

For electronic music, it has a surprisingly natural feel to its sound. Heme takes this further by heavily sampling the sounds of nature. The track has a much slower, natural pace; especially the drumming, which is very tribal. Unfortunately the final track Mothlight doesn’t quite live up to the quality of the rest of the record. The title track Lie in Light would have made a much more prominent finale. That track actually reminds me of the final song from the movie Traffic; adding to my belief that this albums sound should be accompanied by visuals.

At less than 40 minutes, its average length would work for a typical radio friendly pop album. But an album like Lie In Light deserves more than seven tracks. There is a lot to like about this album and less to dislike, even so I feel somewhat indifferent to it. I enjoy the album, but haven’t found myself interested in listening to it. This brings me back to my initial thoughts of mediocrity. I definitely recommend giving Lie In Light a listen, especially if it sounds like your type of music. For everyone else it may not be the most exciting album, but it makes a good score for your everyday life.

Score: 6.3

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Dave Loft

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