What Would I do if I was in Charge Of Apple

Originally written on January 16th 2007.

The Shuffle and Nano would stay as they are but the full iPod needs an update. In the new iPod I would use a 32GB 1.8” NAND Flash SSD (Solid State Disk) Drive. The next thing I would do is upgrade the display to the 3.5” multi-touch display the iPhone uses.

The upcoming iPhone while fabulous looking, is extremely pricey and may be more than what most people are willing to pay. I would release a smaller, less featured, and more reasonably priced iPhone. It will also be a quad band GSM device with EDGE and Bluetooth 2.0. It will not have Wi-Fi or a touch screen display, but it will have a touch pad below the screen. This touchpad will give the user easy phone access while mimicking a keypad. While playing music, it will mimic the iPod’s click wheel.

I would need to get the rest of the movie studios on board with iTunes by the time AppleTV launches. I would also start offering 720P content with AC3 surround sound. I would charge per movie and make both 720p and 480p versions available to download.

Making HD content available for download will require a lot of bandwidth. To offset this cost I would use each connected AppleTV and computer running iTunes as a node on a network similar to P2P. Each connected device will assist in the distribution of the digital content.

The AppleTV is more powerful than the Nintendo Wii, and it has the potential to become a gaming console. I would launch the game service once enough systems were in place, the bugs were ironed out and it had a large collection of games. Imagine launching a new gaming console and then telling everyone it’s already in your home. You just need to buy the game pack to unlock the capabilities.

Dave Loft

  1. It’s interesting looking back at what I thought Apple should do. They did the release the iPod touch pretty much as suspected but they kept the hard drive based iPod around.

    As far as a cheaper version of the iPhone, they solved that by lowering the price a couple months after release negating the need for what I had described.

    AppleTV could have been so much more if Apple actually tried, but I guess they sort of just gave up on the living room, at least for now.

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