When HP Meet Palm

It was obvious from the moment I heard the news. HP bought Palm for WebOS as a means to compete with the iPad. They realized the desktop OS was not ready for this type of device and neither was the hardware to properly run it. The cancelation of the Windows 7 powered Slate is of no surprise as they are busy working on getting WebOS ready.

But getting it to work well on their Slate is the easy part. The hard part is getting the developers on board. At the moment development for WebOS is drying up and just as Android development is booming. They might as well have just saved themselves the $1.2B and used Android instead. To make it work they need to convince enough developers to write applications for their platform. They need to have the apps to be able to get enough consumers to invest in the platform. It’s kind of like the chicken or the egg dilemma.

The first thing they need to do is to upgrade the development tools and the platforms capability. They need to promote this upcoming update with a full line up of phones and tablets designed to take advantage of it. They need to promote this months in advance so they have time to drum up interest in the developers. The success of the platform comes down to getting the developers to creating compelling reasons for consumers to buy into the platform.  They need to launch with momentum and push the product with a lot of advertising to have any hope of competing.

Dave Loft

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