The Wet Secrets Rock Fantasy Album Review

Originally written in 2008

I discovered this little gem at the 2008 North by Northeast music festival. The Wet Secrets are a secret alright and a dirty little one at that. The albums comical, but it’s not a joke album, just an album with a sense of humour. One look at the track list will confirm this with song titles such as Grow Your Own Fucking Moustache Asshole and I Tea Bagged Myself. It’s also a serious album, well not that kind of serious, just seriously good.

Immediately after I started listening to the album, I knew I was going to like it. But still it took a few listens to really grow on me, and after subsequent listens it has become my favourite album released so far this year. Their tracks really build well and each track builds on the previous, I didn’t think it could get any better than Grow Your Own Fucking Moustache Asshole than they follow it up with Secret March. I just can’t sit still listening to that track, it’s just not possible. The instrumentation on this album is fantastic, especially when you realize the guitar sound coming from the speakers is produced with just a bass.

Their music rides the fine line of kitsch but it’s never overdone. They accomplish what few can with a sound so humorous and simple yet full and unique at the same time. This album will get under your skin and you will find yourself humming it all day. This is the type of album that you will most likely overplay and yet it doesn’t get old. It still sounds just a fresh a month later as it did the first time you listened. The album really has a feeling of spontaneity, like a group of friends jamming together at a house party. Yet on subsequent listens it becomes obvious how well Rock Fantasy is crafted. This band isn’t just a bunch of great entertainers, their also fantastic musicians.

The album is short and really only has 8 tracks. The 9th track is a short comical bit and would make a good closing track, while the final two are remixes that sound good but somewhat out of place on the album. They really don’t add anything to the album other than length and they somewhat take away from the albums vibe. I really love the album and hate to harp on something like this but the album has such continuity right through to track 9 and then the final two tracks unravel that a bit. This is really my only complaint of the album and since I consider them more like bonus tracks I won’t let it detract from the album. The first 9 tracks make this album one of the most solid 35 minutes in music released this year.

Score: 9.2

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Dave Loft

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