Revolutionary Marketing Meets Evolutionary Idea

We all knew a device like this was coming. We’ve all seen Star Trek and their immanently useful data pads. Why is it that Apple can take the obvious ideas, call it revolutionary and affect the entire industry? Everyone in the tech world is scrambling to keep up. If it’s not a web site dropping flash for compatibility, it’s a hardware manufacturer trying desperately to mimic what Apple has done.

It just may be the future but not in its current state. Now I’m not talking about the obvious lack in flash. It’s a given that for a device like this to take the market it needs to give the people what they want. No, the main thing holding this back is the weight. Yes I know it’s far lighter than laptop, but that device is meant sit on a lap or a desk. The pad is meant to be held. Just try to hold it up while reading a book and you will soon see what I mean.

I enjoy a great multi touch display like the rest of you, it’s intuitive and fun to use. But a device like this also needs a stylus to input text on like a notepad. You don’t see people using finger paint when taking notes do you?

Hardware wise it’s nothing but a big screen iPod and the only thing that truly separates it from that fact is what the developers will do with the extra screen space. But I can’t help imagine what the developers could do with a truly a revolutionary device. Apple criticized others for using desktop fundamentals when creating a mobile operating system. They showed that a smooth UI focused on touch was the way to build it. But now I have to criticize Apple for not doing the same with the iPad. It needs to be more than just a big screened app launcher. It needs to find some medium between the multi window madness of the desktop and the single window focus of a handheld device.

Until it does this, at least to me, it’s just a big iPod.

Dave Loft

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