HTML5 is not ready to replace Flash

I’ve been closely following this spat between Apple and Adobe and their use of the media to sling mud at each other. It’s like watching two former lovers fight over twitter. But what interests me even more is the mentality the majority of people have shown. They all seem to hate Flash and are rooting for Apple in calling them out.

Yes I agree that HTML5 is most likely the future of the web and the majority of video on the web is H264. What most people don’t get is that most of that H264 video is wrapped in Flash, and they do this for a number of reasons. Any site using straight HTML5 embedded video can’t even handle the simple ability to full screen. They also don’t offer any sort of overlay or interactive experience, the kind of experience through a web browser that only something like flash can offer.

The biggest thing HTML5 lacks is the ability to be used in a business model like Hulu. You can’t protect the video or enforce commercials if you’re not using a wrapper like Flash. Now I hate commercials, but without them, there would be no Hulu and I love Hulu. So before you go trashing Flash and championing HTML5, you should do your homework first.

Check out: “Hulu says HTML5 ‘doesn’t yet meet all of our customers’ needs‘”

Dave Loft

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